Nitrates Clinic a Success!

We’ve finally got the average results back from the drinking water nitrates clinic held July 11th of this year.
In total, there were 63 samples tested, which we are very pleased with, as it was about double the average number for the first ten nitrate clinics held this year (Click here for more information). Of the samples tested, 11% were shown to contain 1 mg/L or less of nitrate, 71% 1.1 – 5 mg/L, 14% 5.1-7.9 mg/L, and 3% contained 8 mg/L or greater. The average amount of nitrate found in these samples was 3.4 mg/L, this is significantly lower than the provincial average of 4.39 mg/L. The highest level of nitrate was 8.2 mg/L.
In some ways, this result is a good thing: there were no results above the Canada Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (10mg/L) in our area, and our average nitrate concentration in ground water was below the provincial average.
However, at only about 2 mg/L, nitrates become a problem for some forms of aquatic life. This means that our groundwater is, on average, toxic to some of the creatures that live in our streams (Click Here p.2 of 2 or Here p. 13 for more information).
Thanks to everyone who came out and got their water tested. It helps us all to know what’s going on in the water beneath our feet.