Summer Supervisor’s Report 2009

This year has been a great one. The crew of two (Iddo van der Geer and Brodie MacLeod) and I (Sam Arnold) worked hard, and I think our results speak for themselves.
Most of the work was done on the upper main branch of the Hornes Creek, with some work in Greenvale and on the Little Bungay Rd. We already have half-filled brushmats at some sites. The crew of two and I worked hard: 555 trees were planted, and about 2380 m of stream was worked on, with varying degrees of alterations. Around 600 kg of garbage was taken out of various streams. The nursery was maintained, with trees moving in and out. Three rounds of nitrate testing of surface water in the Wheatley River were conducted by the crew as well.

My Report is here. A map of the places we worked in the stream is here, though it doesn’t show the trail we made for River Days, the work in the nursery, and a few other odds and ends that we did.

Sam Arnold, Summer Supervisor, Over And Out!