Nitrate Study – Meetings Begin Wednesday.

Excess nutrients cause anoxic events in PEI bays, rivers and estuarys

This important and unique pilot nitrate-reduction project being undertaken in the Wheatley River (and Southwest River) watersheds requires participation from a core working group of resident stakeholders; 16 persons already identified. We need as much community input as we can get to find viable ways to reduce levels and impacts of nitrates in our watershed

The Wheatley River Improvement Group is determined that this pilot project will be successful in reducing groundwater nitrates without causing hardship on those who live and work in our watershed. Long term benefits from this project for the Wheatley River watershed will be reduced nitrate levels in wells, reduced nutrient loading in our bay, estuary and river, increased biodiversity by sensitive aquatic species, healthier soils, and increased awareness of nitrates and other watershed issues.

Our strongest guiding principle is that this draft plan for nitrate reduction truly comes from the community – therefore, all residents of the Wheatley River watershed area are welcomed and encouraged to participate by joining the public portions of each session.  Your comments will be used to help create the draft plan. All are welcome to submit comments by using the form found in the Nitrate Pilot Section of this website, by email or by mail.

Your concerns, suggestions and observations are welcome throughout this process.

Public portions of these sessions are Open from 6:30 until the scheduled break on each of the following Wednesday evenings taking place at the Wheatley River Community Hall, on Rackham’s Lane.

  • Wednesday, February 23rd
  • Wednesday, March 2nd
  • Wednesday, March 9th
  • Wednesday, March 16th