WRIG Member Receives Environmental Award.

The Wheatley River Improvement Group’s, Ann Wheatley, has received one of four 2011 PEI Environmental Awards given to individuals this year. The presentations took place today at a ceremony held at Montague Intermediate School which was hosted by Minister Richard Brown and The Honourable Barbara A. Hagerman, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island.
Ann was nominated by The Wheatley River Improvement and recognized as a tireless volunteer and organizer for many branches of the provincial environmental movement. She has shared her talents and organizational expertise with other watershed and environmental groups and adding her vision for a strong association of provincial watershed groups has helped fuel the momentum that brought the PEI Watershed Alliance into reality.
Ann, a founding member serving several terms with the Wheatley River Improvement Group, founding member serving the original executive of the PEI Watershed Alliance, has the respect and admiration of all who work with her. She has had a great influence on a new generation of voices for the environment. Through WRIG, the Sierra Club, CUSO – International Youth Internship Program and numerous other avenues she has helped youth find ways to participate and become active in local and international watershed communities, showing them ways of putting their concerns into action and showing them the importance of volunteerism as rewarding and essential parts of a healthy self and a healthy society.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the Wheatley River Improvement Group as well as our watershed communities, congratulations to Ann and the 2011 award winners.

Each Year, many citizens work unselfishly for the preservation and enhancement
of our land and seascapes.
The dedication displayed by these individuals and groups deserve to recognized. The presentation of the PEI Environmental Awards is a way to say Thank You to these special people”
2011 Award Recipients

Karl Smallman

Clive Stewart

Ann Wheatley

Peter Rukavina

The Environmental Team – Montague Intermediate School

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