WRIG’s Summer Field Crew Supervisor’s Report –

BEVERLY BROOKS WARD – Supervisor Report  – August 5th

Over the past week we have managed to clear another large section of stream and plant 15 trees along the bank of the river where there was little to no cover above.  The section of stream that we worked one contained many alders which had widened the river, thus making it more shallow.  We also encountered 2 hay bales that had rolled into the river from a nearby field.  One of these bales has probably been in the river for at least a few years as it is mostly decomposed and has patches of grass growing upon it.  The other bale was obviously one from this past year.  These will be cleaned out this week as we did not have the proper tools to dispose of it at the time.

Where we had ended on Friday was a section of stream that will be most difficult to clean out.  There are at least 8 fallen trees in the river.  All of these will need to be removed as they have caused the banks to erode and the river is now about twice its normal size and only half the depth.  Also in this area fish passage would be highly disrupted.  Our goal for Monday will to have this cleaned out and let the river slowly go back to its natural rhythm.

This week also marks the half way point for the summer field crew’s work term.  We have already worked 4 weeks and we have only 4 weeks more.  Within these 4 weeks we hope to finish the section of stream that we are attending to and possibly a little more.  We will also be working with the Trout River Environmental Committee once more, have a team of workers from the Transportation/ Environment Department help us out, and organize a day for our board members to see all of the work we have done to date.