WRIG’s Summer Field Crew Supervisor’s Report

Beverly Brook’s Ward – Summer Supervisor – August 19

Week 6 – August 19th

This week we have had the honour of working with the Queen’s county Transportation Environmental watershed team.  This team consists of three hard working individuals who work with various watershed groups within Queen’s county.  This week they have been working with us and together we managed to spend Monday building a massive brushmat and then clearing out another large section of the river.

Tuesday was once again rather damp so we once again retreated to Dr. Kemp’s to build bird boxes and finish a poster to explain what a summer field crew works at in a summer.  After lunch time however it did clear off enough so that we were able to go back out into the wilds of Wheatley river and finished off the main section of the river that we had hoped to get done for the summer.  This means that we have worked and cleaned over 1.5km of stream since July 11th!

Since the main section of the river was completed we went back to a stream that is completely spring fed and started to clean this out.  It is a rather large stream with some really nice young trout in it, but it is choked with alders, tree falls, and silt.  We hope to also get this stream done by the end of the summer.  Both Wednesday and Thursday morning were similarly spent clearing this stream.

Thursday afternoon however was a wonderful day out deep sea fishing with the Hunter Clyde watershed group.  The purpose of this adventure was to identify types of fish (mainly cod and mackerel) as well as getting an understanding for the troubles of the fisherman.  This was a wonderful educational experience where we learned a great deal about the waters that the Wheatley River drains into.