HCWG & WRIG – Great Partners & Neighbours

A small but dedicated group of volunteers, locals who really appreciate this beautiful stretch of the NorthShore beach called “the Barachois”, arrived on Saturday morning to to join WRIG’s new  coordinator, Norman Dewar and HCWG’s Manager, Andrew Lush in a bit of fall shoreline maintenance as part of The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Conscientious locals who use the beach throughout the summer really do take very good care to take home most items they bring on their beach visits, and so the Shoreline Cleanup gang was not too overly taxed during Saturday’s cleanup.    Carol-Ann Gallant, contributes to ongoing  beach clean-ups on her daily walks and does another great sweep in the spring when the Women’s Institute is holding the Provincial Roadside Clean-up.  Hats off to our Saturday gang and to people like Carol-Ann, who keep this beach in such pristine condition.

If you know of an area of shoreline in either the Wheatley River or Hunter River watershed areas that requires a clean up,  please give either group a call.