WRIG October update!

With another field season successfully wrapped up, fall is a quieter time of year for WRIG, but we’re still pretty busy! We love sharing environmental awareness throughout the community, and this fall we’ve had the chance to spend time with local students, researching their school environmental projects and participating with the Adopt a River program. We also had the opportunity to host UPEI’s 4th year Ecology class with a guided tour of Rackham’s Pond. It’s fantastic to talk nature and conservation with our younger generations and share our passion for the great outdoors.

Our fall beach cleanup was held September 20th, with people coming from Wheatley River, Hunter River and the Island Nature Trust to lend a hand. It was a beautiful sunny morning on the North Rustico sandbar (also known as the Barachois Beach), and many different species of shorebirds on their migratory routes were spotted. We picked up around 50 pounds of lost fishing gear and litter. All in all, the beach looked fantastic, thanks to the conscientious visitors who pick up after themselves. We’ll have another beach sweep in the spring, and it will be interesting to compare what type of refuse winter storms bring up on shore.

As fall harvest is coming in, we’re curious about what has been growing in and around Wheatley River this year. Did you have a bumper crop of zucchini’s, plentiful tomatoes, or were your flower gardens radiant beacons for local birds and bees? E-mail us your tips, stories and pictures so we can share your successful harvest with others in the community. If gardening isn’t your hobby and you’re a bird watcher or a fisher, we’d love to hear about your catches as well! Did you spot a rare migratory bird that flew in for a visit, or have you got a grand fish tale to tell about the one that got away? Send them along; we’d love to hear about them!

If you’re visiting Wheatley River Hall this fall, take some time to admire the beautiful watershed mural now gracing the entryway. This wonderful painting depicts the historic map of the area, based on early drawings and centered on the community hub. Credit goes to local artist Colin Rackham for his talented creation.

We’d like to express a big thank you to all who came out and participated with the Celebrate our River Event last month. The community support and donations through ADL, Blue Bay Farms, and Brookfield Gardens helped make the day a success, and proceeds will help fund future WRIG activities and projects.

Our fall WRIG newsletter will be published later this month, and if there is anything you’d like to see included, whether it’s a community event or a nature question you’d like to have answered, please let us know at WRIG. You can have the newsletter delivered directly to your inbox, just send your request to be added to our mailing list to Tamsyn@wheatleyriver.ca, and we’ll also keep you up to date on our latest events and WRIG activities. As always, you can find up to date information and stories on our webpage: www.wheatleyriver.ca or by following us on our Facebook page.