Environmental Education is “a permanent process in which individuals gain awareness of their environment and acquire the knowledge, values, skills, experiences, and also the determination which will enable them to act individually and collectively to solve present and future environmental problems… as well as to meet their needs without compromising those of future generations.” (UNESCO).

Community Environmental Education:

By providing workshops and forums, WRIG works to facilitate opportunities for the community that increase knowledge about the environment’s direct and indirect impacts. It is important to understand the physical and social impacts and the interaction between local activities and their effects which may occur in the watershed and much further away.  Education is an  important component of our annual Celebrate Our River Festival.

Solutions to direct and indirect environmental impacts require long-term planning, commitment, and global approaches; increased awareness of environmental issues helps our community to consider environmental and social issues in an integrated way.

Youth Environmental Education:

Raising good stewards of the environment who have a strong understanding of their connection to and dependency upon nature and who understand issues like resource depletion, pollution, land degradation, and accelerating species extinctions, is essential to the outcome of conservation efforts.

In conjunction with the Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group, WRIG provides curriculum based environmental education opportunities to three local English and French elementary schools. Events and programs involve a combination of indoor and outdoor instruction and activities, giving students a broader perspective of their personal impact on the world around them.

Since 2009, approximately 75 students have visited Rackham’s Pond and the Wheatley River Watershed each year for environmental education events.

Programs include: