2013 Adopt A River Days!

Last week, Rackham’s Community Pond was a flurry of activity as eager young minds set out to explore the aquatic ecosystem of the stream below the pond.  WRIG and HCWG invited the French and English grade 7 and 8 students from St-Augustin and Gulf Shore Consolidated to participate in the Adopt-A-River program, provided by the Bedeque Bay Environmental Association.  The event was held over two days, to allow for the program to be offered bilingually. The first day had 26 students in attendance from the English grade 7/8 class from Gulf Shore. There were also several grade 9 students in attendance as part of their efforts to win an award from the RBC Evergreen Watershed Champions program (Good luck Grade 9’s – we’re rooting for you!). The second day, the program was presented in French (where possible) <<j’adopt un cours d’eau>>, and was attended by 35 students from the grade 7/8 class of St- Augustin and the 7/8 French immersion of Gulf Shore Consolidated.



The days were broken into two sections, a morning Field session, during which students assessed a section of stream for physical, chemical, and biological indicators, followed by an afternoon lab component spent analysing the chemical results, and sorting the macro invertebrates collected during the morning field session. A mid morning Snack was provided by the WRIG and HCWG groups, and bussing was billed to them as well. We enjoyed nice weather on both days, and the students showed good focus and excellent enthusiasm for learning about their river system, and why different factors are important for the survival of aquatic life.


Adopt A River Days 2013

Adopt A River Days 2013 – Students learning about water chemistry

From WRIG and HCWG: A huge thank you to our students and teachers for their participation with the program, and also to our vibrant volunteers who gave their time and expertise and helped make the days interesting and informative!