Fishing Regulations

Kenedy Ford – May 2010 – 1st CATCH in the NEW Racham’s Pond.

The Wheatley River Improvement Group welcomes anglers to the historic Rackham’s Mill Pond and Wildlife Conservation Area for the 2016 season  where WRIG provides daily public access to the pond, the rudimentary trails and picnic area from the May long weekend until the close of the angling season.

A paved lane, parking lot and path provides safe access to the area.

The Pond basin was leased to WRIG in 2009 from 5 local landowners for the purposes of the pond restoration project undertaken by the group with the generous support of; The Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, The Department of Fisheries and Oceans, The Cymbria Lions Club, The PEI Salmon Federation, Ducks Unlimited, The Wildlife Conservation Fund and the watershed community.

Rackham’s Pond opened to the public and was stocked with 1000 brook trout in May 2010.


  • Pond delayed opening for angling until Family Fishing weekend in May
  • Barbless Hooks only
  •  Reduced Catch (Possession) Limit of 5 Trout.
    Please Help the Wheatley River Improvement Group 
     Protect Recreational Fishing  in Rackham’s Pond 

Pond parking area is paved and has a paved path  leading to a wheelchair fishing platform (in repair!).

Please no gas powered boats  allowed in the Pond and no unloading boats off trailers in the Pond.

Please keep the area litter free and beautiful.

Please no open fires.

To learn more about recreational fishing on PEI, visit:

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Fishing Report on Rackham’s Pond

                             Rackham’s Community Pond & Wildlife Conservation Area