Rackham’s Pond History

In 1892, resident farmer John White  dammed the Wheatley River and built a grist mill.  Four years later, in 1896, the White farm, the Mill  and the pond were purchased by John Rackham.

The grist mill along with the pond, was a main  focal point for social, recreational and commercial activity for the residents of Ebenezer, Bungay, Oyster Bed, Rustico and Wheatley River and remained so until 1978, when the pond breached it’s banks and the basin emptied.

The title of the farm and the pond, has remained in the Rackham family since 1896 and is now held by John Rackham’s great, grandson Grant Rackham.  This founding family, having shared the pond with neighbouring communities for over a century,  joining forces with 4 neighbours, the Lings, the Axeworthy’s, the Mokler’s and the Weatherbees’, have leased the 15 m buffer zone surrounding the pond to WRIG for the purpose of the pond restoration project, the creation of the watersheds only conservation area and for the development of a trail system.

Their wish was to see the pond reestablished and it’s return as a destination where the natural beauty of our watershed can be enjoyed by residents and visitors.