Recent Climate Change Symposium at UPEI

Presentations from Rising Tides: Preparing for Climate Change Conferenceheld recently at UPEI are available here for your perusal.   With over 100 registered attendees, coupled with very interesting presentations, the 2nd annual symposium was undoubtedly a success. 

WRIG board members were in attendance to take in the days various topics which included a presentation  by Andrew Lush, manager of the Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group, who spoke about Adaptations for the provinces North Shore Watersheds.  

Erin Taylor, Climate Change Coordinator for the province, has made all of the presentations available for download online HERE    ( some will be available on this website soon. )

Upcoming Cliamte Change Forum

Upcoming Workshop – Please Join US!


Adaptations for PEI’s North Shore Watersheds

Tuesday March 15th – 7:00 pm at the North Rustico Lions Club

  • Dr.  Irene Novaczek –  The Institute of Island Studies – UPEI
  • Erin Taylor – PEI Climate Change Officer – Dept. of E.E.F.
  • Rebecca McQuaid  – Sierra Club PEI – Atlantic Chapter

Extreme weather events and the ensuing infrastructure damage, shoreline erosion and tidal surges experienced by the Island’s North Shore is cause for great concern by watershed residents.

With the increasing occurrence and intensity of storms, rising sea levels and changing temperature, we need to plan ahead and adapt our farming, forestry, development patterns and lifestyles to take account of these coming challenges.

Wheatley River and Hunter-Clyde Watershed Groups would like to present an evening forum on climate change predictions and adaptations for the municipalities and communities in our local watersheds. Experts will provide an overview of the current conditions in our region, predictions for the future and suggestions for appropriate adaptations.

  • Presentations
  • Q & A session
  • Short AGM business meeting for Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group