Wheatley River Stewardship Plan

We are in the process of uploading backlogged information to our blog. The Wheatley River Stewardship plan may be found at http://sites.google.com/site/wrignewsletters/Home/WheatleyRiverStewardshipPlan2007.pdf?attredirects=0

The process to create the Wheatley River Stewardship Plan started in the winter of 2007, when a group of residents with varied interests – fishing, farming, tourism, non-consumptive users – were brought together to develop a vision, principles, goals and strategies for addressing the issues that they identified as being important to the health of the watershed.

The Wheatley River Stewardship Plan is the result of that process. It should not be regarded as a finished product. Rather, its proponents intend for it to be a “living document”, which will be adapted and enhanced as time goes on, as strategies are implemented, as more knowledge is gained and as issues change.

Issues of concern for residents of the Wheatley River watershed include nutrient enrichment of surface and ground water, sedimentation and siltation caused by soil erosion, the decreased capacity of primary producers to make a living, gaps in the development and enforcement of sound environmental policy, and lack of community awareness of the extent of the
watershed and the environmental issues that affect it.

The vision that is central to this stewardship plan is one of a watershed in which the soil, forests and water are healthy and supportive of a rich diversity of aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals. In this vision, the Wheatley River watershed is one in which farmers and fishers are able to make a living for generations to come and where all residents have access to clean, healthy water.