FREE – Construction Material for Stream Crossings

Considering New Construction or Making Improvements to your Farm Stream Crossing?

KNWSA  has secured a sizable allotment of material from the demolition of the Darnley Bridge.  A portion of that allotment has been shared with several of the Central Watershed Groups, WRIG being one,  now has a stockpile stored locally for use by our watershed residents. 

This material is targeted for building  or improving stream crossings on private land.  There is a wide range of martial size, much of it creosoted, but having the approval by the Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry and PEI Salmon Federation for stream crossing construction.

If you have a stream crossing project or know of someone that does, please contact us.  WRIG can provide the material, assist in getting the proper watercourse alteration permits submitted, seek funding assistance and provide some labour in the projects construction.

Construction cannot occur until June 1st, 2011, but this is a GREAT  time  make plans.

Improved Stream Crossings for Farm Machinery – BMP #1006

Improved Stream Crossings for Livestock – BMP# 1001,1003, 1006