Two Weekend Fish Kills in West Prince…

Sadly, not one but two fish kills were reported in the western end of the province over the weekend, one substantial and one, a bit less so.  The jury is still out on the actual cause of this horrible event, but suffice to say that thousands of trout were killed.

An important item to remember is that in most cases, “if” a chemical entering the waterway was responsible for demise of thousands of the large trout, the animals that sit at the top of the rivers aquatic food chain, then you can usually be assured that most everything else, the uncountable invertebrates and smaller fish,  in their various stages of development, are quite dead as well.

There is undeniable pressure on our provinces supply of water and concern that we are not doing enough to insure a healthy supply for ourselves now and for the future, and although serious efforts are being made to find that fine balance between some of the human practices that cause negative impact on the local environment and minimizing the negative effect of those practices, we have to remember that the protection and preservation of the non-human population of our watersheds, from the microscopic, right on up the food chain, is totally in our hands.

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