WRIG’s Summer Supervisor Report #1 & #2

Supervisor Weekly Report #1  – JULY 16th, 2011

This past week was the first week of the Wheatley River Improvement Group’s Summer Field Crew’s work term.  As such we started off with a bang!  On Monday we began by planting 114 trees and continued on through the week to plant a grand total of 420 trees!  Not only have we planted that many trees but we also managed to find time to take a tour of the watershed, work on the Rackham’s pond trail and finish decommissioning the WRIG tree nursery.

This year the summer crew consists of Denver Parkman, Eric Sylvester and myself, Beverly Ward, as supervisor.  Both Eric and Denver are excited to be working with WRIG and have been excellent workers for this past week.  Eric and Denver both have interests in biology and conservation, as such they are a pleasure to work with.

Over the next seven weeks we will continue to work hard but will be shifting our focus from tree planting to working in the streams and rivers within our watershed.  We aim to complete about 2 kilometers of stream restoration which will include (but not limited to) clearing the streams of debris that prevents fish passage, clearing out alder bushes that ‘choke’ the waterways and building brushmats that will help to filter the silt out of the water.  The majority of this work will be taking place on both sides of the Art Ford Cross Rd where it intersects the stream

On behalf of Eric, Denver and myself I would like to thank the community members for their involvement and interest and would encourage anyone who sees us working to drop by and see what we are up to!


Beverly Ward

Supervisor’s Weekly Report #2 – July 23rd, 2011

The majority of this week was spent working with the Trout River Environmental Committee (TREC) learning proper stream restoration techniques.  On Monday and Tuesday WRIG went to the Trout River area and in return Mike and Evan showed Eric, Denver and I how much of the river can be cleaned and how to build brushmats.  For Wednesday and Thursday TREC returned the favour by walking the Wheatley River with us and showing us where we can place brush mats and offering ideas for what would best help the river.

The experience that working TREC has offered us has been invaluable!   However we did not just glean knowledge from them but when Mike came to Wheatley River he brought down his chain saw which meant that many of the bigger plugs in the river are now much more manageable for Eric, Denver and I to clean.  In fact from Wednesday to Friday we have been able to clean a large area of Wheatley River where it intersects the Art Ford Cross Road.

With the six weeks remaining of our summer work term we will continue to work on this area and the smaller streams that run into the Wheatley River.  We shall continue to clean up fallen trees that have trapped smaller debris to the point of preventing fish passage, building brush mats and cleaning garbage out of the river.  We also have a few more trees that we retrieved from the WRIG nursery that we will be planting along the river so that in years to come the river will have a larger canopy.

Yours sincerely,

Beverly Ward