The Barachois Beach Day & The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

You may have noticed an rather large crowd assembled on the Barachois on Sunday, August 7th and in case you were not aware, this festive summer gathering  was, in fact, the 2nd annual Rustico Barachois Beach Day.


Organizers, Tracy Gallant and Janice Blacquiere prepared a few fun events for the locals to enjoy at this get together.  First, a Beach Bocce Tournament, where 32 – 2 person teams competed for one of the much coveted trophies, and second, a truly “unique to Rustico” competition, The Biggest Damn Bar Clam hunt. The day ended with a large bonfire at the water’s edge and the cooking of the clams.  The weather was perfect and approximately 100 people participated.

Winners of the round robin Barachois Bocce Tournament were; In 3rd Place and for the 2nd year running, Carol Ann and Charles Gallant from Rustico, in 2nd Place, Heather Pierce and Lucas Younker from points east of Rustico and the “really shocking” Grand Champion Bocce Team and first time ever Bocce players, were the very, very lucky, WRIG’s Chair, Jim and Marie Kemp from Wheatley River.  

Congratulations to Miss Haley Blacquiere who found The Biggest Damn Bar Clam this year, who’s massive bivalve weighed in at 0.453 Kg.  Special mention must be given to the Bar Harbour Little Neck Clamming Champion,   participating at the Barachois for the first time this year, Mr. Michael O’Brian, who’s  entry clam weighed just slightly less than Miss Blacquiere’s, at  0.45 Kg.  Some discussion was had by the judges as to whether the use a non-regulation clamming method was to be allowed when one “fancy schmancy” wet suit was used by a participant during the hunt.

The day’s Mayor of the Barachois, Her Honour, Ms. Janice Blacquiere, along with her private secretary, Tracy Gallant, presented trophies and certificates to the winners who will retain well deserved bragging rights until next season. Understandably, last year’s champions were reluctant to part with their beautiful trophies so they also received certificates as thanks for the safe return of these fine pieces of art.

Dax, Dax's Daddy and The Barachois Mayor Janice Blacquiere

The Mayor and her committee, immediately following the bonfire, were back to work planning for the upcoming election campaign and for the 2012 Barachois Beach Day which will take place on the first Sunday in August.  You can find photos and details on face book’s Barachois Beach Day.  (don’t for get to “Like” us).


To all those who appreciate and use this beautiful stretch of beach, we invited you to help the Wheatley River Improvement Group, the Hunter Clyde Watershed Group and the locals take good care for it and to participate in a the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup scheduled for Saturday,  September  17th at 10:00 am.  Details can be found our Website , or by calling Tracy Gallant at 963-2394.  See you on the Barachois!