Islanders Say “No” to Oil and Gas Exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

PRESS RELEASEPEI Watershed Alliance

CHARLOTTETOWN- On April 30th, in the Prince Edward Island Legislature, Liberal MLA Buck Watts will table a petition signed by more than 1,200 Islanders calling for a moratorium on oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. As former President of the PEI Fishermen’s Association, Mr. Watts was part of an earlier effort to protect the Gulf from seismic testing and drilling for oil off Cape Breton Island.

“We are especially concerned about a deep sea oil project called Old Harry, between les Îles de la Madeleine and Western Newfoundland,” states Andrew Lush, a member of Save Our Seas and Shores (SOSS) PEI Chapter and the PEI Watershed Alliance. “Research shows that the Gulf of St. Lawrence is a very delicate ecosystem. It provides so much in terms of our fisheries and tourism, and needs to be protected.” Ellie Reddin of SOSS PEI says the response to our petition has been very positive. “Islanders remember the 2010 BP Deep Water Horizon blowout in the Gulf of Mexico and they want to protect our Gulf from a similar disaster.”

This issue is multigenerational. Lilly Hickox and Caroline Galloway, Grade 8 students at Stone Park collected over 300 signatures from friends and staff at their school. The girls were surprised, and happy to see how many people at their school shared their concern about the issue. “We don’t want to see an oil spill, because we care about the environment and we care about PEI,” says Lilly. “We depend on the environment and the environment depends on us.”

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