Looking for potential sites in the WRIG area for Macphail Woods project: Confederation Forests

Macphail Woods

WRIG has received a request from the MacPhail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, looking for suggestions to help in their search for suitable sites for the creation of a new four-hectare Confederation Forest in each county of PEI. This project is part of the PEI 2014 celebrations, and we’d love to have one of these sites in our watershed!

Requirements for the sites are as follows:

  • ~ four hectares or larger
  • Open area of lightly wooded (such as an old field or grassed parkland)
  • Accessible to the public in order for the area to be appreciated, and a willingness to enter into a long-term commitment to keep the area as a woodland.

This sounds like a phenomenal project that would benefit our environment, as well as the surrounding communities. If you feel like you have a site that you’d like to put forward to be  assessed for this opportunity, please contact me at tamsyn@wheatleyriver.ca for more details, and we’ll help present your suggestions to the team at Macphail Woods.