Happy Spring – Welcome Fishing Season!

It’s wonderful to see the new green things starting to poke up through last years leaves and hay! Since Fishing Season has come once again on PEI, now’s a great time to get out on out river and enjoy some time in quiet contemplation and maybe catch some fish. WRIG would like to remind you that there are special conservation measures in place at Rackham’s Community Pond, outlined here and below: RACKHAM’S POND & CONSERVATION AREA  –  FISH CONSERVATION MEASURES

  • Pond delayed opening for angling until Family Fishing weekend in May
  • Barbless Hooks only
  •  Reduced Catch (Possession) Limit of 5 Trout.
    Please Help the Wheatley River Improvement Group 
     Protect Recreational Fishing in Rackham’s Pond 

These measures are only in effect at the pond, and regulations for all other areas in the watershed are governed by the Province, laid out in the 2014 Angling Summary. Please remember to be respectful of the property of others, don’t trespass, enjoy and admire nature to it’s fullest, and leave no trace behind of your visit!