WRIG Wood Duck Nest Box Building Workshop

Today was a beautiful day to think about spring and waterfowl habitat enhancement. WRIG held our Wood Duck nest box building workshop, where close to 20 volunteers participated in putting together 11 cedar nest boxes. We followed design plans provided by Ducks Unlimited, and chose materials that will weather well for many years out in nature’s elements. Very special thanks to the fantastic team at Kent, who hosted the workshop in their community room, and their skilled staff who pre-cut and drilled the kits, and helped out, making this a family friendly workshop. Funding for nest box materials gratefully acknowledged from the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund.  We were even surprised with two guests of honour, a mated pare of domestic Wood Ducks, Avery and Margaret, who were brought in by Kent staff member Jeremy, who also happens to be licensed local duck enthusiast. The ducks were a little shy at first, but happy to be held by Jeremy and be admired by those who came to help provide these beautiful cavity nesting ducks with ideal habitat in the Wheatley River Watershed!
Thanks so much to all of the volunteers who came out and put the kits together; we hope to have them up this spring!