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Bobolinks and Barn Swallows

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Milton Hall

Sponsored by

Wheatley River Improvement Group and the Community of Miltonvale Park


Bobolinks and Barn Swallows

Bobolinks and Barn Swallows are two bird species that have long been associated with agriculture on PEI. Unfortunately, changes in agriculture practices over the years are causing declines in both species. Increasingly early hay harvests now coincide with the Bobolink’s nesting season, resulting in lost nests and young for these ground nesters. Most new barns are closed and made of metal, reducing the quality and availability of nesting habitat for Barn Swallows.

Island Nature Trust is conducting a program again this summer to increase nesting opportunities for these species. If you see these birds or if you are interested in protecting them on your property, please call us at 892-7513 or email

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