Water Resources & Links

The following studies, reports, policies and background material is provided to assist and educate watershed residents seeking  further understanding of local and regional nitrate and water related issues.

The Wheatley River Improvement Group – Our Guiding Principles

Wheatley River Stewardship Plan – 2007

PEI Department of Agriculture Environmental Programs

Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Program –

Canada-PEI Agricultural Services Program

PEI Federation of Agriculture – Environmental Programs

Enhanced Environmental Farm Plan

Beneficial Management Practices

PEI Department of Environment Energy and Forestry

PEI Forest Enhancement Program

Report on the Commission on Nitrates in Groundwater

Report of the Commission of Land Use and Local Governance – 2009

Canadian/PEI Water Policy Documents and Links

The Glasgow Road – Wheatley River

PEI Climate Change Strategy

PEI Drinking Water Strategy

PEI Wetland Conservation Policy

PEI Agricultural Irrigation Policy

Buried Treasure – Groundwater in Canada

The Living Water Project

Canadian Water Network

PEI Water Quality Interpretative Report 1999

Watercourse, Wetland and Buffer Zone Activity Permit Guidelines

Community Stewardship


And on a much, much lighter note…..

“Water and Poo” – A Song about Nutrient Management