Field Work

Throughout the field season, numerous opportunities are available for community members to get involved. We appreciate every bit of support and love connecting with those who call our watersheds home. Volunteers can participate in activities such as seine netting, tree/shrub planting, stream clearing, pollinator garden maintenance, brushmat construction, electrofishing, and beach clean-ups.

If you are interested in volunteering with WRIG, lease call or e-mail Maggie at 902-963-3198, manager@wheatleyriver.ca

Board of Directors

Would you like to become a WRIG director? We are looking for willing and enthusiastic persons willing to volunteer some time once a month to assist in planning and organization of our groups activities for the year.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Attending the monthly board meeting – generally occurs on the third Wednesday of the month at 7PM at the WRIG office
  • Collaborating with other directors to come to decisions on expenditures, events etc
  • Volunteer at WRIG events based on availability

Community Scientist Program

Photo of Rustico Bay courtesy of www.SaltMeadows.ca

Monitoring the environmental conditions of our streams, river, estuary and bay throughout the seasons is  a key component of  WRIG’s mandate, but with 74 km of stream to monitor, our communities’ observations are invaluable.

When a section of our river or bay becomes anoxic, when a fish kill is noticed, when washouts or erosion occurs near stream crossings, when storm surge or coastal damage is witnessed, let us know either by telephone, or sending  a description of the location and event.  WRIG will record the event, make the appropriate contacts and seek immediate action.

Please call or e-mail Maggie at 902-963-3198, manager@wheatleyriver.ca.