How WRIG Can Work For You

The summer field season offers opportunities for WRIG to assist watershed landowners

in making improvements to their streams, buffer zones and hedgerows.   A student field crew, working under the supervision of the coordinator and the WRIG Board, is dedicated to riparian health assessments, in stream restoration and tree planting.

Being connected to resources, personnel and environmental programs from the Forestry Division of the Department of Environment Energy and Forestry and the Department of Agriculture, WRIG can help landowners discover the programs and then in many cases, provide the labour for their implementation.

We can provide assessments, suggestions for remedial action and the labour and organization to see the improvements undertaken.

Interested in having trees planted in your buffer zone or in creating or under planting an existing hedgerow,  having garbage and obstructions removed from your section of stream or looking for building material and manpower to improve a farm stream crossing, we can help.

Looking for more information the Alternative Land Use System (ALUS ) or other BMP initiatives in Agriculture and Forestry? Please check out our links or contact WRIG.