Staff & Board of Directors


Watershed Manager:
Maggie McConnell

2021-2022 Interns:
Tessa and Shayla

2021 Summer Staff:
Marika, Nick, Fran, and Sam

From left to right: Marika, Nick, Maggie, Fran, and Sam

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Renée Pastoor
Treasurer: Hailey Blacquiere
Secretary: Peter McDougall
WRIG Directors:
        Kayla Nieuwhof
        Stewart MacRae
        Micah Gallant
        Gary Loo
        Jenn Gallé

The WRIG Board of Directors meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month and holds a public AGM in April.  Please check our Calendar for other activities and volunteer opportunities.


Bylaws of WRIG can be requested above. We can also provide further general information about the position and we welcome all who would like to participate in preserving our watershed!