Summer Field Work 2015

The 2015 WRIG Field Crew was led by Brittany MacLean (Supervisor), and Jerrica Cormier (Technician), for the second year in a row. The Field Crew had a great season this year improving the habitat and quality all around Wheatley River and its adjoining sub-watersheds.

Brittany and Jerrica stream clearing

Stream Restoration, Tree Planting and Riparian Health Assessment 

  • 558 native trees and shrubs were planted by WRIG at 11 different sites around the Wheatley River Watershed, and 300 trees were planted by volunteers, for a total of 852 trees in the ground.
  • 5.2 km of stream along the Wheatley River and its tributaries were restored for improved fish passage and continuity.
  • 8 brush mats were installed:
    • 3 in Hornes Creek
    • 5 in Wheatley River main branch
  • 5 major stream blockages were cleared using a chainsaw.
  • Performed 10 km of riparian health assessments on portions of the watershed that were previously unaddressed. These will be added to the cumulative data set to guide future enhancement work.

WRIG puts on a lot of fun community events and public awareness activities over the season. Some of the events from 2015 were: The Celebrate Our River Event, Canada Day Celebrations in Rustico, Environmental Fun Day for grade 6 students, The Great Canadian shoreline cleanup, The Aquaculture Alliance shoreline cleanup, and a community Barn Swallow and Bobolink presentation held at the Wheatley River Community Hall.