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The Wheatley River Improvement Group

About Us

A community-based environmental group on the North Shore of PEI, Canada

The Wheatley River Improvement Group (WRIG) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection and management of six Prince Edward Island watersheds covering 90 square kilometers: Wheatley River, Chapel Creek, Lukes Creek, Cymbria, Oyster Bed Bridge, and Hornes Creek.

What We Do

We plan and perform activities that remediate degraded habitat, increase wildlife opportunities, and improve public awareness of environmental issues.

Water Quality

Each summer, we monitor freshwater and estuarine water quality: this information guides our actions to ensure all residents, both human and wildlife, have access to clean, healthy water.

Habitat Improvement

Our aquatic and terrestrial habitat enhancement efforts strive to reduce anthropogenic impacts, support biodiversity, and increase climate change resilience.

Environmental Education

We plan and support educational opportunities to increase environmental awareness and equip future decision makers with valuable knowledge.

2022 Achievements

This was one of our busiest seasons yet, with a field crew of four full time summer students, and a project lead intern who started in the fall.


Native Trees and Shrubs Planted


of Brush Matting Constructed


of Stream Cleared


Nesting Opportunities Maintained

Would you like to be a part of improving and protecting our watershed?