Trails & Wildlife Conservation Area

Trailhead Location: 46°22’14.19″N  & 63°17’16.16″W


The public is allowed year-round daylight access to the pond, trail, and picnic area. A paved lane and parking lot provides safe access to the area. Please help WRIG protect the Rackham’s Pond ecosystem by adhering to the following requests:

  • No open fires
  • Keep the area litter free and beautiful
  • Be respectful of the land and landowners who have allowed us to walk along their private properties

Hours: Dawn till dusk, year-round

Amenities: Picnic tables, pollinator garden, nesting boxes, floating dock, footbridge, nature trail, interpretive displays, and apple trees!

Trail: The Rackham’s Pond trail begins near the parking area at Rackham’s Pond and follows the west bank of the Wheatley River upstream for about a kilometer, traveling through treed, grassy, and wetland areas. The out and back trail is natural and only partially groomed during the summer months. Some features to take note of: native tree species signs, a spruce budworm monitoring device, tree swallow nesting boxes, a wood duck nesting boxes, an osprey nesting platform, and in-stream bank restoration structures. The recent addition of a footbridge across the outflow of the pond provides access to the east bank section of trail. For more information, including GPS coordinates and map, please see Island Trails.

Geocache: There are 2 geocaches along the Rackham’s Pond trail: (1) A fish out of water, and (2) Don’t fence me in. More information can be found at here.

If you’d like more information or have questions about the use of Rackham’s Pond, please contact us and we would be happy to help find the answers for you!