Summer Field Work 2013

This season the field crew was led by Daniel Watts, and consisted of Colin Jeffrey and Justin Ellands. Daniel has a Bachelor of Science from UPEI with a major in Biology and a minor in Environmental Sciences. Daniel was hired by the new WRIG manager Tamsyn Cosh-MacKenzie to begin on July 1, and work for eight weeks. Colin has a Bachelor degree and a Masters as well as experience in watershed restoration. For ten days this summer, WRIG was lucky to have Justin, a co-op student, join the team.

Justin and Colin working on clearing a stream blockage
  • 600 trees were planted in the watershed.
  • Stream restoration was conducted on the full length of Chapel Creek and Luke’s Creek, as well as major sections of the Wheatley River and Crooked Creek.
  • More than 12 brush mats were installed.