Adopt-A-River – Discover Your River

WRIG and the HCWG Watershed Education Program will include the Adopt-A-River and Discover Your River environmental education program through the programs provincial coordinator, BBEMA, The Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Assoc.

Through Adopt-A-River, the students will be immersed in a science project for the benefit of water. Using basic scientific equipment, they characterize their river by studying physicochemical and bacteriological parameters. They also learn to collect and identify macro-invertebrates used as biological indicators water quality. Already, environmental and youth groups are taking on this project, joining a vast network of schools involved in monitoring their river.
This interactive project is aimed at students 10 to 15 years old. Thanks to the project’s activities they have the opportunity to take action for the protection and improvement of their environment. Adopt a River’s participants become members of the Eco-Network, an initiative of the Biosphere,  Environment Canada.
Discover Your River

Discover Your River – initiates young children to the world of rivers and streams near their home and makes them aware of the importance of this ecosystem. The project coordinator is working with local Elementary schools to bring a wide variety of river–related activities and stories into the classroom, supplemented by slides, cassettes and a walk to the river.

Participating Schools